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A life of testing

A life of testing

EDIT: This blog post was written earlier this year as an introduction to me but in the end I decided to actually talk about it in a 99 second talk at TestBash Brighton 2016 instead.
Because of that I saved it as a draft and never published it but I figured it’s daft sitting on my blog unpublished so here you go. 🙂

I’ve been a professional tester since 2003.

I say I’ve been a professional tester since 2003 but recently realised that I’ve had a “tester” mindset for much, much longer than that; In fact as cliché as it sounds I’ve pretty much been a tester my whole life. 

So today I thought I’d like to suggest a little game to everyone – See if you can remember your earliest memory of “testing” something.

For me as far as I can remember it’s when I was 9 years old and was bought a Bandai Lazer Tank for Christmas.

I remember unwrapping it and staring in wonderment; what on earth does this thing do?

Within minutes I had questions:

 • Will it work on lino?

 • What about carpet?

 • What about the pile rug? It’s a tank after all! – Oh nope; stuck on the rug!

 • Do the pieces pop off in a different sequence each time?

 • What if I shoot it through the patio door? Or the mirror? Or my granddad’s Ray Bans that I’m specifically forbidden from touching?

 • How far from the tank can I be and still get the laser to hit it? That’s a great reason to go outside in the cold to the back of the garden in nothing but pyjamas!

 • I was obsessed with finding the limitations of the thing!

So for me that’s my earliest memory of “testing” and I think a lot of people with testing careers probably have a similar mindset that started WAY before your “profession” as a tester began. 

So have a think about your own earliest testing memories and let’s get sharing.