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Now Brewing: New blog post ideas!

So… Where to begin?

In 2003 when I started a career in software testing?

In 2006 when I attended a Rapid Testing course and had my eyes opened wide to the potential and possibility within testing?

In 2008 when I had the opportunity to take the knowledge and skill I’d gained and use it to create a brand new testing department but was stopped at the last second?

In 2009 when my passion and love for testing began to slowly get worn away by the monotony of writing automated checks instead of actual “testing”?

In 2015 when I re-discovered a long-dormant passion for testing? When I started to meet and chat with like-minded testers? When I attended my first ever #TestBash and got so inspired if I’d been asked at the end of the day to stand up in front of 300 people and talk about testing I’d have grabbed the microphone and happily done so?

I have *so* many ideas and thoughts I want to share and discuss with people! New blog posts are brewing!